[conspire] We don't support Mozilla

Edmund J. Biow ejb1 at isp.com
Sun Apr 24 09:25:55 PDT 2005

David Hartley wrote:

>I wish Mozilla would borrow Opera's idea of having a built-in magnifier.
>Hit the + key.. whole site is magnified Very, very useful. Does nothing for
>flash, or some other stuff, but works wonderfully with regular fonts &
You can hit Control + '+' and it will scale all font sizes up on Mozilla 
& Firefox. 

In Firefox you can install extensions that will enable you to add Zoom 
In, Zoom Out & Original Size buttons wherever you want on your toolbars:


(Use Zoomy & Toolbar Enhancements).

>On 4/23/2005 3:29:29 PM, Bill Moseley (moseley at hank.org) wrote:
>>>I also grip about fonts (as my eyes get worse with age....). 
>Does the Bank of America site have small fonts on your screen?  I have
>to wonder what they were thinking to use 65% fonts.
Internet Explorer, being not particularly standards complaint, 
apparently renders fonts larger than most other browsers, and since they 
are the de facto standard, everything looks too small on most other 

>Oh, it's so painful to watch my eighty-year-old dad "use" the web.  Remember
>the computer screens in the movie Brazil?  Nice external magnifying
>glass.  (Hey, and idea to rush out and patent!)

Windows has an Accessibility Wizard that enables you to dial in settings 
easily for folks with limited visual accuity.  Big fonts, high contrast, 
a magnifier bar that magnifies the area under your mouse.  I used them 
to set up my mother's box.  I guess Linux has a set of programs, as 
well, but I've never had cause to use them.

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