[conspire] Penguin Day - Demysitify FLOSS for Nonprofits

Zac Mutrux zacm at compumentor.org
Thu Apr 7 10:41:21 PDT 2005

Hi Folks,

I'm helping to organize Penguin Day, an event that puts staff from
nonprofit organizations and FLOSS enthusiasts in the same room for a day
of learning. I think it's going to be a blast. I attended the first
Penguin Day in Philadelphia, and it was really exciting to see poeple
get fired up about this stuff.

Announcement follows.



Zac Mutrux

You are invited to Penguin Day San Francisco/Bay Area on Tuesday, April
12 from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. At Penguin Day, learn and share about open
source software, what it is, and how it can benefit nonprofit
organizations. Penguin Day San Francisco/Bay Area will take place at the
East Bay Center for Philanthropy -- James Irvine Conference Center in

Register now at http://bayarea.penguinday.org

******What is Penguin Day San Francisco/Bay Area?******

Penguin Day brings together nonprofit tech staff, eRiders, tech
providers, educators, students, consultants, and open source software
developers for a day of learning and conversation.

Together, we'll demystify open source for nonprofits, frankly address
the challenges of developing open source tools, and learn about specific
promising open source applications for nonprofits.

****What will you take away from Penguin Day?******

Co-hosted by Aspiration and CompuMentor, Penguin Day San Francisco/Bay
Area features a packed agenda of interactive workshops, round tables,
and speed geeks. Our goal is to help grow a community of folks
interested in using, exploring, and developing open source software for
the sector.

Agenda topics include:

* Introduction to Free and Open Source Software for Nonprofits
* Local resources and who's-who in the Bay Area Free/Open Source community
* Helping techies and non-techies communicate and cooperate
* Overview of Free and Open Source desktop applications
* e-Advocacy platforms and best practices
* Selecting an Open Source operating system
* Free and Open Source migration strategies
* Funding, financing and sustaining an Open Source project
* Hardware recycling using Free and Open Source Software
* Creative Commons and open content
* Speed Geek (a lively tour of projects and tools)

Register now at http://bayarea.penguinday.org

For more info on Penguin Days in other cities, see www.penguinday. org.

Penguin Days are made possible by the generous support of IBM
Corporation, and in-kind support by local co-organizers and Aspiration.


Don't hesitate to contact us at info at penguinday.org or by calling
413-884-0094 (Aspiration).

We look forward to seeing you at Penguin Day San Francisco/Bay Area!


Katrin and Gunner at Aspiration and Marnie at CompuMentor for the
Penguin Day Working Group

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