[conspire] webApp help?

timchon at sfsu.edu timchon at sfsu.edu
Tue Sep 21 15:02:51 PDT 2004

Hello all,

I've posted the following issue with no response on more specific lists. But
perhaps someone out there has dealt with a similar issue. Any help would be much
appreciated. Here it is: 

I need help with a programming project. I have created some QA software in
python that dynamically generates xul and it is remotely accessed on an Apache2
web server (running gentoo).

The biggset problem I have right now, is that it won't display in mozilla when I
try to access it remotely. In fact, I am prompted to download the file and then
open it in mozilla. Upon opening the file I just see the last few lines of the
code, which thanks the tester. Then, when I look at the source code of this
mess, I can see the entire generated source code properly generated and formatted.

Further, the python scripts that generate each application useage/log-in do send
out the proper cgi content-type. I've even run a small test script output in xul
from the same server, and that works too. Can anyone offer any insight or
direction as to why this is happening? I'm already a week behind on the deadline.

Much thanks in advance,

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