[conspire] Ubuntu

Greg Dougherty gregd at molecularsoftware.com
Mon Oct 18 17:15:57 PDT 2004

Sorry, Rick, but you're off base here.  Those pictures are totally
"unprofessional".  Which is not to say they bother me (they don't), but which IS
to say that anyone who is surprised at the reaction really isn't paying
attention to the real world.

Further, from your description, I take it that these picture were added w/o
warning or discuss.  That, IMHO, was not only unprofessional, but childish as

Basic rule: surprising people is a BAD thing to do.

Speaking of children, I'll bet there were a fair number of parents with children
in the 5 - 15 age range who were NOT pleased with this.


On 10/18/04, Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com> writes:

> That community's attention has been temporarily diverted by a bizarre 
> controversy:  The Warty Warthog release candidate ISOs put up for
> download last week introduced a GNOME "theme" (created by Australian 
> Jeff Waugh) called Human, with some pleasant-looking photos of three
> smiling, good-looking young people of various races holding hands and
> otherwise illustrating the theme of worldwide cooperation that the
> distribution is aiming at.  Here's the GDM login screen:
> http://osdir.com/shots/slideshows/slideshow.php?release=152&slide=34
> Here's the splash screen, shown for a moment immediately after login:
> http://osdir.com/shots/slideshows/slideshow.php?release=152&slide=35
> Here's a (_non-default_) desktop background with the same trio:
> http://osdir.com/shots/slideshows/slideshow.php?release=152&slide=131
> Anyhow, you would not believe the magnitude of the resulting
> controversy!  It's been resolved, now:  A developer discussion over the
> weekend settled that "Human" will be included on the final release, but
> not as the default.
> Now (as you can see), the splash screen shows a bit of skin for about a
> second, but no naughty bits.  Which mostly leaves the GDM login screen, 
> which in general terms could pass for your garden-variety Benneton ad.  
> But people were saying things like "Using that in a corporate
> environment will get me fired!" and "Those images constitute a hostile 
> work environment" and "Pictures of naked bodies are unacceptable to most
> of the world's cultures".

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