[conspire] Re: conspire Digest, Vol 17, Issue 21

Ross Bernheim rossbernheim at speakeasy.net
Sun Oct 17 16:14:26 PDT 2004

On Sunday, October 17, 2004, at 12:08 PM, 
conspire-request at linuxmafia.com wrote:

> I'm having fun with Rhythmbox, but for some reason
> the version 0.8.5 on this Ubuntu install is freezing
> up when I try to add a new Internet radio station.
> Works fine for local oggs though and has a cleaner
> look than XMMS.

I've got Ubuntu running on one of my Linux boxes and quite
like it. Rhytmbox won't play CD's, it just wants to rip them and
add them to its library. Rhytmbox is more a replacement for
Apple's iTunes than a CD player.


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