[conspire] Yellow Dog Linux anyone?

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Oct 11 13:00:22 PDT 2004

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I recently got a Macintosh iBook which is (pre-installed) dual boot with 
Yellow Dog Linux (red-hat based) and MacOS X. I'd like to bring it to 
the July 10 CABAL meeting. You can look *and* you can touch! And if I'm 
lucky, you can also help me with a few configuration issues:

1) Networking. The ethernet card works flawlessly under MacOS X. As far 
as I can tell I've set eth0 up correctly, and it says that it's working, 
but I can't even ping my router.

2) Trackpad. Tapping on the trackpad is supposed to register as a click, 
but it does not. This works under MacOS X. I've also had this 
functionality under Linux on a different laptop, so I know it's 
possible. This might be easy to fix once networking is working, since I 
found a script on line which is supposed to toggle tap-clicking on and off.

3) Sleep/Hibernation. Again, works on the Mac side, and worked on my 
previous laptop, so I know it's possible.

4) Adding Mac boot option to boot loader (yaboot, I think). The 
documentation from the Yellow Dog people (who sold me the laptop) say 
that this should already be working, but it's not listed. I can get into 
MacOS via a graphical boot manager, which doesn't come on automatically 
on boot.

This is all stuff I've gotten to work under Debian distributions, but 
the prospect of learning an entirely new set of Red Hat quirks is 
dispiriting. But I'm hoping there are cabal members who are Red Hat pros.

--Michele Coleman

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