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Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri Oct 8 08:38:57 PDT 2004

Quoting Bill Stoye (skiffworks at earthlink.net):

[Much appreciated report on Ubuntu]

> the only thing I miss from KDE is 'K3b', which has been a very nice
> GUI for burning Cd's; I've not had luck with any of the burners
> available for Gnome. I don't yet have the skills to burn using the
> command line.

You know, you can certainly retrofit it using "apt-get install k3b".  
Try that, and see what dependencies (certainly, the qt and kdelibs 
packages, at minimum) are going to be pulled in by that command:  You'll
have the option of saying yes or no to the lot.

I'm implicitly assuming that Ubuntu's default /etc/apt/sources.list
includes references to the Debian testing or unstable package
collections, or both sets.  I'll try to follow up with a second post
giving some detail on that, or you might want to just bring over your
machine to the CABAL meeting tomorrow (Saturday), and I'll be glad to
show you how all that works.

> I had been using Libranet 2.8 for almost two years but wanted the 2.6
> kernel for better support of some of my hardware and I liked the simple
> offering and menu of Ubuntu, but libranet hasn't come out with their 3.0
> release after an original target date of mid August... I may duel boot
> to it when it comes out for grins.

Don't count that pair of guys who run Libra Computer Systems Ltd. out:
They have a phenomenal record of staying in the game.  

Also, there's no reason why you can't retrieve a 2.6 precompiled binary
kernel from the package mirrors for your Libranet 2.8 system.  I can
show you the ropes on that one, too.

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