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Tue Nov 9 09:43:12 PST 2004

Don, Calvin, Bill, Rick,

Eric De Mund <ead at ixian.com>:
> q2:  What application rips audio CDs, using error-correction? I used
>      to use Exact Audio Copy under Windows, which would read a CD
>      sector repeatedly until it was happy it had read the sector
>      correctly. It was a superb ripper, handling scratched CDs with
>      aplomb. Not to mention grace, and elan.

Don Marti <dmarti at zgp.org>:
] A scriptable text tool is abcde:
] http://www.hispalinux.es/~data/abcde.php
] Sound Juicer is a GUI app:
] http://www.burtonini.com/blog/computers/sound-juicer

Thank you. I'll look into these when I graduate from the command-line
tools. I've put these in my notes.

Calvin Wong <cwong47 at ccsf.edu>:
] try
] grip - GNOME-based CD-player/ripper/encoder
] with
] lame - LAME Ain't an MP3 Encoder

Thanks. grip(1) is one of the GUI tools I'll be looking into. It comes
highly recommended. Currently I'm just using its engine, cdparanoia(1),
to do the ripping from the command line.

Bill Moseley <moseley at hank.org>:
] As time goes on I use fewer and fewer gui apps, so it seems. Ripping a
] CD never really seemed like something that needed a gui.
] I haven't tried this, but you might look at:
]    http://userpage.fu-berlin.de/~mbayer/tools/dekagen.html#en

Hmmm. This dekagen script looks useful. I was wondering what tool would
help me avoid manually naming and tagging for all the files, using e.g.
CDDB. Thank you very much. I'll let you know how it works out.

] If you just want to rip the tracks, there's always:
]    $ cdparanoia -B
] and there's also cdda2wav and cdrecord, of course.
] I like to learn the command line tools first and then use the front-
] ends.

Thank you. "cdparanoia -B" works for me, and that's what I used. And I
agree, re first preferring to knowing what's going on behind the scenes.

Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com>:
] I defer to other people's answers, having had no experience with it,
] myself. The classic tool for that purpose, though, is cdparanoia,
] <http://www.xiph.org/paranoia/>.

Thank you. It worked like a champ.

And so here is what went into my notes database today:

audio CD ripping (with error-correcting) under Slackware 10
cdparanoia under Slackware 10 (creates track01.cdda.wav, track02.cdda.wav,
etc., correcting for jitter, loss of streaming, etc.)
% sudo cdparanoia -B "1-"

lame mp3 encoder under Slackware 10
above link taken from:
"Binaries/DLL's of the LAME command line encoder" on:
installation with:
% sudo rpm -iv --nodeps notlame-3.96.1-1.i686.rpm
conversion of wav->mp3 (VBR mp3: use -V) with:
% notlame -V --verbose <file> `basename <file> .cdda.wav`.mp3
play mp3 with:
% mpg123

ogg encoder under Slackware 10 (is included with distribution) (256 kb/s)
% oggenc -b 256 <file> [<file> ...]
play ogg with:
% ogg123 <file>

Remaining questions yet to tend to:

    thank you!    [q1] automatic save of open browser tabs (galeon)
    thank you!    [q2] audio CD ripping                    (cdparanoia)
    thank you!    [q3] CUPS for printing                   (yes)
    --            [q4] CD/DVD burning
    thank you!    [q5] XMMS for audio                      (yes)
    --            [q6] movie client (for e.g. .mpg's)
    --            [q7] image scanning

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