Mailman sequence mix-up for "Re: [conspire] Re: Dell and big disks"

Adrien Lamothe a_lamothe at
Mon Nov 8 13:26:49 PST 2004

Hmm... why did mailman mix-up the order of messages
that were posted in the "Re: Dell and big disks"
thread? This occured in the "View By Thread" listing.
I posted my second message about an hour after the
first, and it was placed immediately after the first
in the list. Then Rick posted to the thread about an
hour after that. I just noticed that Rick's message
was placed between my first and second posts, even
though it was posted third in the thread. Ricks
message was timestamped "Sat Nov 6 19:42:46 PST 2004",
my second message was timestamped "Sat Nov 6 18:56:45
PST 2004".

Does mailman not like people submitting two
consecutive posts, and automatically insert the next
member's post in between them?

- Adrien

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