[conspire] [q1] (automatic save of open browser tabs) thank yous

Eric De Mund ead-conspire at ixian.com
Sat Nov 6 15:19:03 PST 2004

Don, Rick, All,

Eric De Mund <ead at ixian.com>:
] q1:  Is there a (non-commercial) graphical web browser under Linux
]      that remembers all my open tabs from the last session? This is
]      one thing I like about Opera, yet would love to find a non-com-
]      mercial solution, here.

Don Marti <dmarti at zgp.org>:
] I don't know if Mozilla Firefox counts as "commercial" but it's not
] proprietary like Opera, and you can "Bookmark all tabs" from the Add
] Bookmark item in the Bookmarks menu.

Thank you.

Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com>:
] Anyhow, check your installed copy of Firefox to see if it has that
] capability built in, yet. It might. Or look and see if any of the
] couple of hundred Firefox extensions linked from
] <http://update.mozilla.org/> adds that.

Galeon is wonderful, and is just what I wanted. Thank you.

And thank you for the note about Firefox extensions possibly providing
this, if it's not already built in.

Interestingly, Firefox isn't installed out of the box on Slackare 10.0
systems even with "all packages" selected at install time (confirmed by
both find(1) and by the Slackware Package Browser
<http://www.slackware.com/pb/>). Instead, Mozilla 1.7 is installed, but
it can't automatically save open tabs.

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