[conspire] is there a minimum size iso that cdrecord will successfully write to a cd?

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Nov 2 12:50:08 PST 2004

Quoting Darlene Wallach (wallachd at earthlink.net):

> I created an iso image of some rpms and html files. I then tried to
> write the iso to a cd using cdrecord. Both mkisofs and cdrecord
> seemed to finish successfully. When I do an "ls /mnt/cdrom"
> I do not see the iso image. Is there a minimum size that cdrecord
> can write? Did I make a mistake in mkisofs or cdrecord command
> options? Any help, advice, suggestions will be appreciated.

You should (ideally) always verify that your ISO images will mount 
using the loopback options before burning them.  Note that you can
perform this test only as the root user:

$ su -
# cd /tmp
# mkdir mountpoint
# mount -o loop -t iso9660 /path/to/name.iso /tmp/mountpoint
# cd mountpoint
[Look around, make sure everything seems OK.]
# cd /tmp
# umount mountpoint
# exit

If everything seems OK, and yet your CD comes out wrong, then there's
something wonky with the burn process.

However, I suspect you'll find during the loopback mount that you've
inadvertantly forgotten to include stuff in the pathspecs you passed to
mkisofs.  (That's what the test's for.  ;-> ) 

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