[conspire] Fedora Core2 is out

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue May 18 09:03:53 PDT 2004

...and I already have it (i386 version via BitTorrent,
http://kuix.de/fedora/).  Remember, if you visit a CABAL meeting, and

1.  bring your own CDR blanks,
2.  buy some nearby (e.g., Palo Alto Fry's Electronics),
3.  are prepared to pay my outrageous price of $1 per disk to sponge
    off my supply,

then, you're welcome to make copies at my place, using my slow (4x) CDR
burner.  Or you can connect -your- machine to our LAN and burn them
on your own burner, somewhere.  

There are four CDs in the main set, of which the fourth is non-English
language support only, and can be dispensed with if you don't need that.
Additionally, there is "boot.iso" and a rescue CD image.  

I also pulled down (courtesy of BitTorrent) the 4 GB DVD image, but
don't personally have a DVD burner.

You can use Fedora2's "anaconda" installer program to upgrade earlier
Fedora installers.  The installer program also does network installs
(NFS, http, etc.), so it's not technically necessary to download the
entire distribution, if you merely wish to do one installation.

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