[conspire] sysadmin position in SF (Yes, I checked with listadmin!)

Sean Wolfe-Justice mailjones at mouseandfrog.org
Fri May 7 18:01:21 PDT 2004

Hello all, Sean here, long time lurker, infrequent poster. Hope all is well 
with everybody.

For those who are interested, my company has an opening for a *nix sysadmin 
and we are fishing for resumes. Please feel free to look this over and if 
you're interested send an email to

techjobs at ticketmaster.com.

Thanks, and have a great weekend!

Cheers, -Sean.

Title: System Administrator
Location: San Francisco, California
Company:  TicketWeb
How to Apply:  Send resume to techjobs at ticketmaster.com with
"SA-TW3" in the subject of your email.

General Characteristics:
Guided by the IS manager you will support and maintain our computerized 
ticketing system to help us to achieve our goals of

99.99% uptime! In this position, you will have the unique ability to work 
with a number of servers applications, services,

and OS's. The description below includes the services that you will be 
exposed to and have responsibility for. The team

shares support responsibilities in this 24 x 7 environment.

Essential Functions:
* 24x7 system support and on-call duties
(alternating with other team members)
	* Support of application servers
	* Support of credit card processing systems
	* Support of database servers
	* Support of database proxy server
	* Support of documentation web server
	* Support of DNS servers
	* Support of file servers
	* Support of firewalls
	* Support of FreeBSD and RedHat servers
	* Support of load balancer
	* Support of mail servers
	* Support of PBX server
	* Support of RAS
	* Support of search server
* Support of Oracle database
* Support of network connectivity
* Troubleshooting system problems (technical
   and operational)
* Interface with vendor and client
   representatives for problem resolution
* Managing server log files
* Monitor system performance
* Maintaining utility software (proprietary,
* Provide technical and operational support
   for TicketWeb staff members
* Purchasing of new equipment

Required Experience:
* 3+ years experience with
   maintaining Internet systems
* 2+ years experience with installing
   Unix operating systems
* Solid understanding of Unix/Windows
   user commands
* Solid understanding of Unix/Windows
   network support
* Solid understanding of shell and/or Perl
   scripting (for automation).
* Good understanding of Oracle installation,
   backup, maintenance, performance tuning
* Good understanding of SQL
* Demonstrated problem analysis/resolution

Desired Experience:
* Network configuration (security, routers,
   email/file servers, DNS, firewall)
* FreeBSD
* RedHat Linux
* e-commerce
* File server and workstation installation,
   configuration and maintenance
* JBoss
* Nagios
* Active Directory

Personal Characteristics:
* Ability to work independently and as part
   of a team
* Self motivated, energetic and tenacious
* Flexible; responsive to changing situations
* Desire to learn

Submit Resumes to: techjobs at ticketmaster.com (again, please put "SA-TW3" in 
your email subject). Thank you. 

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