[conspire] spare monitors

Eric De Mund ead-cabal at ixian.com
Wed Jun 16 15:12:01 PDT 2004


] OW!, 17" mon. died, 20" mac mon. does not work,
] borrowed 1 from neighbor 2do this.

I've got three spare 15-17" monitors that I picked up on craigslist a
couple of years ago when my monitor died. I'll let you have one of them
for $30. (I bought three because I went overboard, *really* not liking
being without a monitor.) You should be able to pick up a 17" monitor on
craigslist for $30-50; however, give me a call if you want one of these.

I can bear to only have two spare monitors, and, as I noted in a previ-
ous email message, I am in the middle of spring cleaning. (There is also
one of my dim 17" monitors out at the curb, available gratis, yet it's
been out there since Friday, probably with some water damage due to
condensation, and so I wouldn't recommend it except in the most dire of

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