[conspire] Re: conspire Digest, Vol 13, Issue 6

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Jun 16 14:59:11 PDT 2004

Quoting bruce coston (jane_ikari at yahoo.com):

> OW!, 17" mon. died, 20" mac mon. does not work,
> borrowed 1 from neighbor 2do this.

Wow, that's terrible luck.  Sorry to hear about that.

> guess i/we should get the 20 fixed as an old mac mon, it should last
> long before needing next fix, call 735-1971, (408) iff u have great
> info bout where 2 get this kinda prob.  fixed cheap/fast.

Lots of places will have a try at fixing your monitor.  Last I tried
that sort of thing, they tend to charge you a minimum labour charge of
maybe 2 hours; thus, maybe $100-120 minimum charge.  The idea is that
they open it up, then call you and tell you whether there's some
additional charge to replace parts, if necessary, and it's then your
judgement call about whether to proceed or to give up.

You might find a place that will assess the unit without dinging you for
minimum labour; you'd have to call around.

Of course, a couple of years ago, the market changed and LCD panel
displays finally took over the commodity monitor marketplace.
Therefore, except for specialised needs, hardly anyone wants to buy a
new tube-type monitor.  So, consider carefully whether you want to sink
repair dollars into such a unit.

(By the way, I notice you've set your mailing list subscription to
"digest" mode, in which you get all recent postings, if any, in a
single -- digest -- mail.  It's entirely up to you, but I'm sure you'll
notice that there are disadvantages, and the benefit on this list is
nearly nil because of its low traffic levels.)

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