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Christian Einfeldt einfeldt at earthlink.net
Tue Jul 27 11:42:07 PDT 2004

On Monday 26 July 2004 23:07, Rick Moen wrote:
> You might be like most computer users in having a lingering
> problem you're not really aware of -- or, if you're aware of it,
> have been putting off until later.  That's the problem of old
> picture-tube-type monitors.

Wow, the irony of all this is just killing me.  We just came back 
from Brazil for filming for our movie, the Digital Tipping Point, 
and there we had met a former MIT professor who is now teaching art 
AND physics together in Uruguay.  They are using old hardware, 
disassembling it, and rebuilding powerful boxes from it!  But they 
can't build monitors!  

I would absolutely LOVE to be able to coordinate the deliver of 
those monitors to people in the Bay Area, because there are tons 
and tons of people whom I know need computers.  Talk about 
Microsoft's perfect storm.  Free or cheap software in the form of 
FLOSS.  Free or cheap content in the form of Creative Commons.  
Free or cheap hardware.  

I have been considering starting a non-profit to stop this perfectly 
good hardware from getting dumped into landfills.  There is a place 
in the east bay called otxwest, but they only do windows.  I'd love 
to do the same thing with FLOSS.  When I think of what we could do 
in terms of getting FLOSS to the developing world with this 
perfectly good hardware, it just kills me, having just met those 
folks who have the gnu linux skills, the space to store stuff, they 
have the software, they just need the hardware, and KABOOM, 
software libre explosion!  

Anybody know anyone with a huge storage space?  

> A couple of years ago, all the places you can (lawfully) get rid
> of monitors started charging significant surcharges for disposal
> service, above and beyond regular fees, on grounds that monitors
> tend to include some seriously nasty poisonous chemicals (such as
> selenium).  I've noticed the topic has started to come up more
> often on Bay Area technical mailing list, as people start to
> realise they have a problem.
> The _other_ shoe dropped about the same time:  LCD panels
> suddenly became both good and cheap -- in addition to being
> lighter and space-saving.  Have a look around your local bank
> branch.  See any tube-type monitors?  Probably not.  The bulk of
> corporate America has already made the switch.  You probably
> will, too -- at which point you'll be looking to unload that
> heavy old thing (or maybe the half-dozen you have kicking around
> the house).  And the recycling fees can only get worse.
> Therefore, I thought I'd post a couple of suggested (local)
> solutions. One's conditionally free; the other's absolutely free
> through Labour Day.  Details follow.
> Me?  Deirdre and I have three 17" tube monitors left -- all
> functional, but none in actual daily service because we prefer to
> use our laptops as consoles.  The three dinosaurs sit wedged into
> a vertical pile in the living room, for borrowing by visiting
> CABAL members or emergency use if needed on one of our (normally
> "headless") server machines.
> But I'll tell you:  If any of those _were_ smaller than 17", or
> worked less than perfectly, I'd be unloading them in a hurry
> (lawfully).  So, you might consider if that's the boat _you're_
> in, and consider these options:
>  Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2004 19:22:27 -0700 (PDT)
>  From: vraptor at employees.org
>  To: "Guy B. Purcell" <guy at extragalactic.net>
>  Cc: baylisa at baylisa.org
>  Subject: Re: recycling
> Tossing my two cents in on this a month+ late, but useful info
> for others, I hope....
> <http://www.hackettelec.com/>
> Hackette Electronics in San Jose is a 100% recycle facility. 
> They will take electronics in any quantity without disposal fees,
> with the exception of monitors.
> If you bring monitors with other gear of sufficient quantity,
> they do not require a disposal fee.  If you bring in monitors
> alone, they charge $10/monitor.  This fee is $5 less than the
> other recycle facilities in the South Bay that I am aware of.
> I took all my old dead x86 and printer stuff down there, when I
> recently did a major clean-up in preparation for my move.  I know
> a lot of sysadmins are pack rats, so this might make the process
> of winnowing a little easier.  :-)
> =Nadine=
>  Date: Mon, 26 Jul 2004 20:40:20 -0700
>  From: Ross Bernheim <rossbernheim at speakeasy.net>
>  To: Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com>
>  Subject: Re: Recycling monitors
> On Monday, July 26, 2004, at 05:56 PM, Rick Moen wrote:
> > Would you mind summarising the deal Office Depot is offering on
> > accepting monitors?  I'd like to post it to
> > conspire at linuxmafia.com, per your suggestion on Saturday.
> Got old electronics sitting around the house that the trashman
> won't take?  Don't want to pay to have it recycled at the dump? 
> Has Office Depot got a deal for you!
> The following is from Office Depot's Web site.
> Now through Labor Day, bring your unwanted  PC, laptop, printer,
> handheld, cell phone -- or any other qualifying product -- to
> your nearest Office Depot.*  We'll send them to HP's recycling
> plant, where they'll be processed into material that will be used
> to make new products.  Bring in products made by any vendor --
> not just HP.  Best of all, this service is provided absolutely
> FREE of charge.
> Each customer may  return one (1) piece of approved equipment to
> an Office Depot retail store per day.  Office Depot will not
> accept and reserves the express right to reject all other types
> of electronic equipment, including, but not limited to,
> stand-alone VCRs, TVs (greater than 27" measured diagonally),
> DVDs, and any product that presents a hazardous condition,
> including monitors with broken glass.  Customers will not receive
> compensation from Office Depot for approved equipment.
>       Qualifying Products:
> PCs, Mice, Keyboards
> Handhelds/PDAs
> Monitors
> Flat Panel Displays
> Laser & Inkjet Printers
> Scanners
> All-in-Ones
> Digital Cameras
> Fax Machines
> Desktop Copiers
> Cell Phones
> TVs (27" and smaller only, no consoles)
> TV/VCR  combos 27" and smaller
> *Offer is limited to one product solution, such as a PC, monitor,
> mouse and keyboard or one individual product, such as a PDA , per
> customer per day.  No TV consoles, furniture, laptop batteries,
> rechargeable batteries, or electric appliances, please.  Program
> available in the continental U.S. only.
> Enjoy!
> Ross
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