[conspire] asus p3v 4x

bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 19 02:44:37 PDT 2004

using an apolo 133a chipset, i may have a new m/b +
case, amazing what happens when u finally get all the
bailing wire attachin yer external p/s 2 yer "frame,"
but does anyone already know this board, esp. got a
manual? This post BX chipset suppossedly still suffers
latency problems vs BX but i can get mo ram. my BE6-II
will probably prove a better board in some way so i'm
only pleased about payoff from helping my reverend
     i've been trying all day 2get a manual online but
the junk i'm gettin 4 w98 keeps my ~3kb connection
plenty busy. anyone interested in an isa osciliscope
card from my other extra box 2 cannibilize. 

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