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> to whom it may concern,

That's me and Duncan MacKinnon.

[Your Vectra with two good ol' 3C509B ISApnp NICs, which I know very

> http://www.redhat.com/docs/manuals/linux/RHL-9-Manual/install-guide/s1-netconfig.html
> i have two separate 3com cards installed but neither
> show up. when i plug in the 3C905B card card to my
> linksys router, all the lights are lit.

Shouldn't be _that_ hard to diagnose.  As it happens, my installfest
server is a K6/233 with, of all things, a pair of 3C509B cards.  

One thing I usually do, that you might not have done, is disable ISApnp
mode using the MS-DOS 3C5X9CFG.EXE utility from 3Com, before installing
any OS using those cards.

Truth to tell, I was just about to (finally) throw out my remaining
supply of 3C509 and 3C509B cards, not because they aren't fine cards
(given the 10 Mbps limitation), but rather because the ISA bus is just
too obsolete, by now.  You're welcome to have mine.

> a friend suggested that i come and seek help
> installing linux, and at this point it would be nice
> to have some help and encouragement.  
> please let me know if i can come get help this
> saturday, jul 10th.

Sure.  Of course.  You're very welcome, and I imagine we'll be able to
fix it up.

Cheers,                     "All power is delightful, but absolute power
Rick Moen                    is absolutely delightful."  - Kenneth Tynan
rick at linuxmafia.com

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