[conspire] negligence

bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 31 19:36:05 PST 2004

looks like bigvalley.net cut us off at the new year.
This necessitates an emergency since my parents
totally ignored many months of warnings about the need
to change our i.s.p. since bigvalley.net no longer
supports w98, pity since it's more secure than xp in
practice. Despite my telling anyone on the phone i
don't feel authorized about any changes in service,
the blame does not belong with bigvalley.net . 
This is worth mentioning as many times the kin of a
"computer expert" feel entitled to have everything
work perfectly no matter how recklessly they act. I
house sat from x-mas to new years where a family
member is a computer professional and got a long ago
left for dead w95 box to finally boot into safe mode.
That computer was and is full of junk a careful user
would avoid. This computer probably got no effective
maintenance until disaster struck. One experienced
UNIX administrator told me about his mother choosing
to just buy a new computer instead of bothering to
rebuild the capable but confused and crufted box she
had.  Look out for your kin, some of them may think
that by knowing you, they become immune to computer
problems, psychologists might call some of that
behavior "magical thinking".
      Back to my folks, they appear to have acted as
if the "@bigvalley.net" accounts would last forever
despite many warnings: my number 408.735.1971 and you
may need to use it if things don't get better.

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