[conspire] Mini-ITX preferences?

Ryan Russell ryan at thievco.com
Fri Dec 17 13:56:40 PST 2004

Eric De Mund wrote:
> o   Is any one VIA motherboard preferred over another, for Linux?
>         I envision using a couple of these as mobile development plat-
>     forms, perhaps taking and leaving one overnight at a client site
>     (rather than schlep to and from work every day) where I can use it
>     as an X terminal and as personal file storage and possibly also as
>     emulation host, using VMware.

I haven't heard much beyond the newer ones seem to be easier to get 
working.  VIA's support of Linux (in terms of source, drivers, etc...) 
still leaves a little something to be desired.  They at least host a 
decent community on the subject, and occasionally chime in with help and 
future plans:


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