[conspire] Mini-ITX preferences?

Eric De Mund ead-conspire at ixian.com
Fri Dec 17 13:50:54 PST 2004


Is anyone here into the Mini-ITX game?

o   Some Cabalists or linux-consultants folks seem to like Leadman. Why?
    For what? For their cases or for their motherboards? Their prices
    don't seem exceptionally good, at first glance.

o   Is any one VIA motherboard preferred over another, for Linux?
        I envision using a couple of these as mobile development plat-
    forms, perhaps taking and leaving one overnight at a client site
    (rather than schlep to and from work every day) where I can use it
    as an X terminal and as personal file storage and possibly also as
    emulation host, using VMware.
        I also like the idea of having a couple of small (not too power-
    hungry) boxes on hand that don't take up much space that I can e.g.
    try out Solaris 10 or NetBSD 2.0 or some other flavor of Linux on.

o   Are there any preferred cube-style case manufacturers?
    I like the cube-style cases such as Leadman's:
        Casetronic 2215 Mini-ITX Aluminum Cube Case
    because I needn't use half-height cards, slim CD/DVD-ROM drives, or
    other than full-size hard disks. Also, I hold a bit of skepticism
    about the really low-profile boxes, worrying that there's not enough
    clearance and air circulation to keep the components cool enough,
    over their lifetime.

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