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Quoting Paul Ross (paulross at igc.org):

> Hi guys,

Hi, Paul.

> I recently purchased an ASUS T2-R (Std) from Central Computer in
> Newark.  I am trying to install Corel Linux on it.  The installation
> program starts but stops and reboots before it gets far along enough
> to prompt me to do anything.

That's understandable.  Corel Linux OS, even the final 1.2 release, is
now extremely ancient in Linux terms.  The very, very obsolete 2.2
installation kernel would not have been able to deal with most or all of
the hardware interfaces provided by the ASUS P4R8T motherboard chipset
collection, or the embedded ATI RS300-based video chipset.

Similarly, the very old XFree86 graphics software circa v. 3.2 would
definitely not know what to make of that ATI chipset.

You'll need something much more recent; indeed, something very recent.
Corel Linux is definitely not it.

> The reason I want to install Corel is that I want to have WordPerfect
> and I have not been able to install WP on my other computer which has
> Mandrake 9.1.

Assuming you're talking about installing WP 8.x onto current
Mandrakelinux, here are the old instructions from the (now discontinued)
Corel Knowledgebase pages, slightly updated:

1. Download and install the ld.so-1.9.11-4mdk.i586.rpm package, part of
the Mandrake Cooker contrib tree.

2. Install the libc-5.3.12-35mdk.i586.rpm package from the installation

3. Run the ldconfig command to regenerate the library list.

4. Follow the standard installation instructions provided with
WordPerfect 8.

However, some distributions (such as Fedora Core) with very modern
kernels (2.6.8 or later) are currently reporting problems running WP
8.x.  This is being looked into, but there isn't a lot of talent
concentrating on that problem, because (as you know) it's a very, very
long dead, proprietary, binary-only product.  With reasonable luck, that
wouldn't hit you.

If you're talking about WP 9 aka Corel Office 2000:

Distributions with libc v. 2.3.2 or above have, for the time being,
broken the CorelWine support required to run WP 9.  Again, this is being
worked on, but... same story.

Current distributions that are known to include, right out of the box,
all support libs required for WP 8.x are:  Libranet 2.8.1 and SUSE 9.1.
It's possible that Xandros 2.x also qualifies, but I'm not sure.

Full details can be found using the resources in and linked from my
WordPerfect on Linux FAQ, http://linuxmafia.com/wpfaq/ .

> If this makes any sense, let me know.  I would like to talk to you
> about this at the Robert Austin computer show or at Rick's house.  I
> won't show up if I don't hear from you.

You're most welcome to come (with or without computer) to the CABAL
meeting this Saturday afternoon and evening at my house in Menlo Park.
(No need to RSVP; come any time before midnight.)

We're not going to have a presence at the Robert Austin show.

Cheers,                 There are 10 kinds of people in the world, those who 
Rick Moen               know ternary, those who don't, and those who are now 
rick at linuxmafia.com     looking for their dictionaries.  -- Ron Fabre

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