[conspire] procmail(1) recipe help

Eric De Mund ead-cabal at ixian.com
Thu Aug 12 23:13:14 PDT 2004


Are there any Procmail experts in the house? I'm having trouble concoct-
ing a Procmail recipe.

In short, I want emails sent to email addresses of the form:


that are *not* of any of these sub-forms:

    foo at ixian.com
    baz at ixian.com
    quux at ixian.com

to be thrown straightaway into the dumper.

Thanks. Pointers to venues where Procmail questions are asked and
answered (and that won't result in my receiving even *more* spam) are
welcome, as well.

"All morning I worked on the proof of one of my poems, and took out a
comma; in the afternoon I put it back." --Oscar Wilde

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