[conspire] linux antivirus?

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu Sep 11 21:36:37 PDT 2003

Mailing list added back.

Quoting Blue Boar (BlueBoar at thievco.com):

[Good, thoughtful comments snipped, not out of disrespect, but rather
because I don't need to reply to them.]

> Believe it or not, if you feel I was wasting your time, I feel bad about 
> that.  I can see where the circular arguments look a lot like intentional 
> time wasting, I was getting it from your end, too.

More likely unstated assumptions, miscommunication, and lack of
time/patience to be as thorough as you'd (and probably that I would) like.

Here's something you almost certainly wouldn't have thought of (not your
fault), that bears on the matter:  What invariably motivates me to write
a "rant" essay for http://linuxmafia.com/~rick/faq/ is being sick to
death of a particular topic.  The reason I post essays to there is so
that I can thereafter provide a hyperlink rather than being dragged yet
again through some swamp that I'm tired of visiting.  There's a note
near the top of the page that states that, in fact.

The "rants" are an attempted distillation of my views:  They don't even
attempt to definitively cover all aspects of something with utmost
objectivity for all time.  Fuck that.  These are _rants_.  Thus the
Dennis Miller quotation:  The essays are there to amuse and to save me

So, imagine my reaction when someone Just Doesn't Get that, and wants to
not just tell me about places he thinks there are holes, blunders, and
screw-ups, but actually wants to _argue_.  At length.  Moreover, imagine
I see among his post what appears to be dumb gamesmanship and stuff that
could not possibly be taken seriously by a reasonable person.

I get annoyed.  I think I usually have cause.

And in this case I wasn't kidding or being metaphorical when I said I
didn't have time.  I don't:  I'm trying to complete a couple of dozen
things so I can leave for several days.  When I said I didn't have time,
I meant I didn't have time.

That's not in any way to preclude your debating just about anything you
want on the mailing list.  Just not with me, not now.  Because I don't
have time.  The fact that I'm (honestly) short on time as well as
patience doesn't mean you aren't welcome.

I go through lists of my claimed holes, blunders, and screw-ups at my
leisure and, if feasible, see if I can defuse, address, or sidestep any
I think are in-scope and significant.  I usually do _not_, by contrast,
volunteer to debate them, because that would defeat the purpose for
which I created the rant in the first place.

Anyhow, sorry to have been pissed off.

Cheers,     Founding member of the Hyphenation Society, a grassroots-based, 
Rick Moen   not-for-profit, locally-owned-and-operated, cooperatively-managed,
rick at linuxmafia.com     modern-American-English-usage-improvement association.

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