[conspire] Long time, no 'Fest

Mike Higashi mhigashi at imat.com
Wed Oct 29 20:19:54 PST 2003

For those of you local to the Bay Area, you may have noticed that it's
been a long time since we held our last Linux InstallFest. It was back
in June, if I recall correctly. 

I usually prefer to avoid holding one during the entire holiday period, 
from Thanksgiving to New Year's. Which leaves the early part of November
as a possibility for holding one last InstallFest for this year. 

Checking the Robert Austin show schedule, I see they are having one at 
the Cow Palace on November 8th, which fits Rick's preference for holding 
InstallFests on a regularly scheduled CABAL meeting day.

So does Saturday, November 8th, sound good?

Mike Higashi

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