[conspire] Meeting invite, Sat Oct 25

Heather Stern star at starshine.org
Mon Oct 20 15:23:58 PDT 2003

  Any among y'all CABAL members who share not only an open source
  mindframe but also enjoy the worlds of Star Trek* are cordially invited
  to the 3rd anniversary party of the USS Augusta Ada - the 24th century's
  free software starship.  LCARS interfaces may or may not be provided.
  Expect to see macintoshes, PC laptops, and probably klingons.  We have
  power but no 'net connection.

  Location:	16th Avenue and Geary Blvd, in S.F.
		5160 Geary Blvd   San Francisco, CA 94118   415-668-4300
		see BALE for details.  If you don't know how to
		reach BALE by now I'll loan Rick a phaser set to
		"pelt with nerf arrows".  Oh, alright, try this:

  Time:		1 pm to join the normal agenda portion of the 
		meeting.  Election bits, upcoming conventions,
		techie (usu Linux or BSD), science, and trekkie notes.

		2:30 pm to come to the party.

  It's a Round Table Pizza. There will be snacks but if you're a hungry
  sort consider yourself encouraged to buy pizza, garlic bread, and soda.

  You can RSVP if you like, or just show up :)  Yes, it's halloween
  season but dressing up isn't required either.  We've invited all the
  local starships, so there will be a lot of trekkiness present, quite a
  bit more than usual at our regular meetings.

  * you don't have to like all the series.  Or all of any of the
    series.  We know.  Some shows are lamer than others...

  Of course, you'd be welcome at our regular meetings too, if you like
  the idea.  We're always glad to have new members.
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