[conspire] disk imaging programs

Sean Wolfe-Justice mailjones at mouseandfrog.org
Wed Mar 26 18:05:48 PST 2003

So hey, I finally got g4u working. It boots from a NetBSD floppy and spits 
out a .gz image of your hard drive via FTP. Which is pretty darn cool.

But here's the thing. After wrestling with it, now I'm getting wildly 
varying FTP transfer rates -- over my own LAN! I mean, the transfer rate 
goes from 800 KB/sec to 36 KB/sec in a few seconds -- I even went so far as 
to connect the two machines with a crossover cable to make sure my LAN 
wasn't bogging them down.

When it comes to 18 GB hard drive images, even 800 KB/sec takes a while. 
Any idea why an FTP transfer over a quiet LAN connection would be so erratic?

Maybe FTP just isn't the right approach when you're dealing with 10+ gigs 
of data over a LAN.

BTW, Knoppix is freaking cool. I had played with it previously, and tried 
it again today. And what's this I hear about Morphix? I gotta check that 
out too. Just like Jack Nicholson said, "Where does he get such wonderful 
toys?"  8^)


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