[conspire] disk imaging programs

Sean Wolfe-Justice mailjones at mouseandfrog.org
Tue Mar 25 18:44:54 PST 2003

>1.  Could be that you didn't download the entire floppy-image file.
>If this were a CD image, very likely you'd find a tiny imagename.md5
>file listed for download right alongside the imagename.img (or
>imagename.raw, whatever) disk image.  Floppies, however, are so small
>that such redundancy checks (stored md5sum values) usually aren't

Yeah, I saw the .md5 files and CD stuff, I'm pretty sure I got the floppy 

>If it'll help, I have a version of Partimage (and of the Partboot floppy
>images) at http://linuxmafia.com/pub/hardware/ , alternatively reachable
>at ftp://linuxmafia.com/pub/hardware/ .  It's not current, but it's
>there if you need it.

I'm gonna check it out. . . that sounds great. . .

>2.  Could be that you've encountered a run of bad floppies.  This has
>become a very, very common problem.

That's a good point, they are old, I was wondering. . . maybe that's the case.

>3.  Could be that you need a different rawrite utility.

yeah, I tried ntrawrite and rawrite2. . .

The adventure continues, I'm trying g4u now. Excited to try that out, I put 
BulletproofFTP server on my Windows box, I'll try making the g4u 
bootfloppies and going that route, dumping and retrieving the images files 
via ftp off the bootfloppy. Pretty soon I'll be able to do the FTP server 
via Linux. . .

So, the Conspire list has been very quiet lately. What's the deal?

And was it just my PC, or was Slashdot down today?

Rock on!  -Sean.

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