[conspire] disk imaging programs

Sean Wolfe-Justice mailjones at mouseandfrog.org
Tue Mar 25 17:14:18 PST 2003

Can anybody point me in the right direction:

I have been wrestling with a couple Linux-originated disk cloning apps, 
PartImage and CloneIt. They both have procedures to create bootable images 
but I can't seem to make them work using rawrite.

I've had difficulty downloading the files as well. Sometimes wget just 
stops after about 20k is downloaded.

PartImage www.partimage.org disk images 
CloneIt http://www.ferzkopp.net/Software/CloneIt/CloneIt.html

This CloneIt looks pretty neat. So why do his disk image files not make a 
readable floppy? I sucessfully (I think) downloaded the files, gunziped 
them, and wrote them to floppy.

I should admit that being a Linux newbie, much of this has been done under 
Windows. But rawrite is for Windows, and a raw floppy image is the same 
regardless, right? My Debian boot floppies come up just fine on my Windows 

If anybody can recommend something else to try, or their favorite cloning 
tool, that would be great. Maybe I just need to go buy Ghost.

TIA, -Sean.

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