[conspire] (forw) SVBUG to meet at CABAL next Saturday

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sat Jul 5 00:22:31 PDT 2003

"SVBUG" is the Silicon Valley BSD User Group, and of course I've told
Jesse & co. that they're welcome to join us.

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Subject: SVBUG to meet at CABAL next Saturday
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>From the last message sent to SVBUG members there is change in the 

This note informs you that SVBUG plans to take a proactive position with
regards to Linux. Both communities can benefit from cooperation and
discussion.  Your house is a neutral ground and with your consent it
will be our launch pad.

In the past you have stated that your domain is open and available to
any all such activities. We know that this request does not fall on deaf
ears, but a willing host.

So, for the benefit of those not at Thursdays meeting, here are the
results.  We plan to meet with the Cabal first. Further, since we know
that you (Rick Moen) can "neither confirm nor deny the existence of the
Cabal", here is the information others may need to find this meeting on
July 12, 2003:


best regards

   please forward this message to SVBUG mailing list.

Thank you

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