[conspire] Samba Blues...

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Jan 6 15:28:41 PST 2003

Quoting Jose Sanchez (jose_sanchez79 at yahoo.com):

> Hello. I am setting up a windows machine so it can browse to my linux
> file server. I can see my lfs from Windows Network Neighborhood with
> no problem which by double-clicking on the Windows NN icon prompts me
> to give a user name and password. I have users setup on the lfs but
> when I try any of the IDs I get rejected even root. 

Ah, a Samba setup problem.  Did you remember to populate the Samba
password database for all users? 

# smbpasswd -a username

I'm not really good at Samba troubleshooting, especially at a distance.
You might have some luck with:


The permissions on the shared folder are
> set to rwx for all specified logins in the smb.conf
> file. 

That would be relevant to browse rights, but according to your account,
you're not able to login, so you didn't reach that issue.

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