[conspire] Installfests -- tomorrow and then March 8

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sat Feb 15 00:52:04 PST 2003

We haven't had a CABAL installfest for a while, and it's time to 
do it again.  Tom Macke suggested we do one this weekend (Saturday, 
February 15) at the Cow Palace (Robert Austin Computer Show).  Part of
the problem with that date is that it's a 3rd Saturday.  (CABAL meets
2nd and 4th Saturday evenings.)  Speaking for myself, I'm not willing
to tie myself down more than two Saturdays a month for CABAL.

The next reasonable date that _is_ a CABAL Saturday is Saturday, March
8, at the Oakland Convention Center.  So, we'll do that, then.

But that reminds me that there _is_ an installfest tomorrow, anyway --
SVLUG's installfest in San Jose, 11 AM - 4 PM.  It's at the usual spot,
Accent Technologies, 1880 Hartog Drive @ Brokaw.  Details are here:

I'll definitely be there -- CD collection and all.  I'll have the latest
Knoppix disk image, among other things.  If you haven't yet played with
Knoppix, you're missing a triple treat:

1.  Best hardware detection you've ever seen, period.
2.  Incredibly good advanced desktop system, running by default entirely 
    from a CD.  Give copies to MS-Windows-using friends, and watch them
    spread like wildfire (because, of course, it lets them experience
    a full-blown modern Unix system without having to distub their 
    hard drives).
3.  The easiest way ever invented to install Debian for x86 onto a 
    hard drive.  (There's an optional script that installs it to a 
    local hard drive, after booting the CD-based desktop system.)

My friend Karsten Self, in fact, hands out piles of Knoppix disks to
people, for all of the above reasons -- with an informational flyer that
you might find interesting, text preseved here:

I also have the latest 2.0 release candidate of the LNX-BBC mini-disk
(which burns to credit-card-sized CD media).

See you there.

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