[conspire] RealAudio for Linux

Bill Lazar bill at billsaysthis.com
Fri Apr 4 14:41:39 PST 2003

> The topic of audio-video on *ix has been massively muddled not just by
> legal follies, but also by people talking about it without any
> understanding of what the pieces are and what they do.  People talk
> about filename extensions and client applications as if they uniquely
> specified a codec, a data-storage format, a streaming protocol, or all
> of the above.  More often, they have no clue that such concepts exist,
> and just say "It's QuickTime" or "It's a RealVideo stream".  This is
> sort of like saying "What do you _mean_, what type of road was it?  It
> was a Chevy road!"

You tell'em, Rick!

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