[conspire] Resizing NTFS

Edmund J. Biow biow at bigfoot.com
Mon Nov 11 12:36:41 PST 2002

Apparently Acronis True Image 6.0 is available for only $10 to Norton Ghost
users.  It claims to be able to back up active partitions from within
Windows, as well.

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> Lots of people come to Linux events with their MS-Windows preloads,
> wanting us to set up dual-boot.  Which we've been able to do, thanks to
> resizer utilities like FIPS, GNU Parted, etc.  Recently, Microsoft has
> thrown a curveball at us:  Recent preloads have tended to use NTFS
> filesystems, rather than FAT.  Most resizing tools -- and all of the
> common open-source ones -- are FAT-only.  This is starting to become a
> significant roadblock.
> After much checking, I've found the following options:
> -- four proprietary tools that are retail-only.
> 1.  Retail-only, proprietary:
> o  Acronis OS Selector:  $45, trial version avail., but it's crippled.

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