[conspire] Learn Perl with Randal Schwartz. Also, CABAL meets _tomorrow_.

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri Nov 8 23:41:50 PST 2002

This class is allegedly being taught by Randal Schwartz, even though the
Web page lists Tom Phoenix as the instructor.

Also, it's CABAL time again.  Saturday Nov. 9 (tomorrow), 4 PM onwards.
Y'all are welcome.

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Hey, everyone,

I just got a note from Randal saying he'll be in town those dates.
He's teaching an open-enrollment "llama class" at Silicon Valley College
--"open-enrollment" meaning anyone can take it, meaning you. ;) I bet
our recently active CGI study group (yay!) would be especially well-
served by this.

Since he'll be in town, we'll have some kind of meeting, probably on
December 12 if Randal can make it--probably a talk followed by going
our for drinks / dessert.

Here is Randal's blurb for the course:

    This course will be taught in San Jose at Silicon Valley College:

       December 9-12: Learning Perl   (Randal Schwartz)
                      phone: 408-360-1099

    Learning Perl:

    This course is based on Randal Schwartz's popular O'Reilly Nutshell
    book, Learning Perl. The course presumes no prior knowledge of Perl, and
    exposes the course participants to what we call the "middle two-thirds"
    of Perl --those items that are needed to accomplish many common tasks,
    and to lay the groundwork for more advanced study on an as-needed basis.
    This is a hands-on course in which students apply the programming methods
    and principles developed in the lectures.

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