[conspire] A Beginner's Guide to Linux

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Dec 11 19:59:48 PST 2002

Quoting Bill Stoye (skiffworks at earthlink.net):

> In NYT Circuits:
> A Beginner's Guide to Linux
> December 5, 2002:
> <http://www.nytimes.com/2002/12/05/technology/circuits/05POGUE-EMAIL.html>
> My feedback if interested:
> <http://forums.nytimes.com/webin/WebX?14@158.9Z56arybXCm^885421@.f16bec4/1885>

A well-written letter -- and you're right that it was one of the better 
tire-kicking Linux articles we've seen, lately.

Usually, when I see a mainstream reporter's "Let's look in on Linux"
article, I brace myself for babbling idiocy, but David Pogue seems
pretty fair-minded and articulate.  Good for him.

Oh, by the way -- not really relevant to the above, but you reminded me
of it, since you mention in your feedback that you run Debian:  I have a
long lumberyard of Debian tips at http://linuxmafia.com/debian/tips .
You might find it useful.

Two things, though:

1.  I have to apologise for its extreme lack of organisation.  Will
    rewrite it completely, but not today.
2.  Because it grew in chronological order, newer and probably
    more-useful stuff is nearer to the bottom.

Cheers,                              "Azathoth need not be present to win."
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