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  • Awk Prototyping - Prototyping commands using awk and sed
  • Awk Tutorial - Excellent 12-page introduction to the awk text-processing script language, by Emmett Dulaney
  • Bash Scripting - Advanced Bash Scripting Guide - despite its name, assumes merely that you have some basic aptitude for coding
  • BASH FAQ - FAQ for the Freenode #bash IRC channel
  • Books - Recommended books for aspiring Linux coders and technical users
  • C++ Socket Programming - Access to TCP/IP sockets from C++ coding using libace
  • COBOL - COBOL resources for Linux
  • Csh Why Not - Top Ten Reasons Not to Use the C Shell
  • CVS Lecture - Lecture notes for a lecture about CVS, by Rick Moen
  • CVS on NFS - Are there any ways to safely put CVSROOT on an NFS volume?
  • Debuggers - Source code debuggers for Linux
  • FORTRAN on Linux - How good is the FORTRAN support on Linux?
  • How to Be a Programmer - Robert L. Read's concise rundown on the design, conceptual, and organisational aspects of being a coder
  • IDEs - Integrated Development Environments, RAD tools, GUI builders
  • Java - Open-source Java tools on Linux
  • Memory Debuggers - Memory leak checkers/tracers, malloc debuggers, memory profilers, and memory debuggers
  • Parable of the Languages - Shelley Powers's 'Parable of the Languages' humour piece
  • Perl CGI - The Idiot's Guide to Solving Perl CGI Problems, by Tom Christiansen
  • Python to Perl Conversions - Tom Christiansen's table of syntax equivalencies between Python and Perl
  • Perl Tutorials - How to learn Perl from on-line materials
  • Python Tutorials - How to learn Python from on-line materials
  • RPM Rebuilding - Rebuilding software from source RPM packages
  • Shared Libraries - Ulrich Drepper's guide to writing shared libraries for Linux
  • sed and awk - Tutorial materials for sed and awk
  • VCS - Version-control systems on Linux
  • VisualBASIC - Projects to support VisualBASIC and similar on Linux
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