From: Ignacio Solis
Subject: Re: [SlugLUG] Linux debuggers
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2003 12:05:39 -0700

* Darrell Long ( said:
> I am teaching 13H next quarter, and I need a good debugger that the
> students can understand. (Do not tell me gdb, I hate that one). What
> debuggers are available on Linux these days?

Without checking the web the first one that comes to mind is ddd[1].
This is a graphical front end to gdb. I've used it a couple of times and
it worked ok.

There is also the GNU Visual Debugger (GVD)[2][3], I've never used this
but it looks a lot like DDD and I believe it's also a front end to gdb.

Kdevelop [4] is supposed to have integrated debugger, but it's an IDE,
not just a debugger. And since we're talking KDE there is also Kdbg [5],
the KDE graphical debugger.

There are a bunch of ther things out there, like Valgrind [6], a memory
debugger, for those nasty leaks. Or xwpe [7], which is the Borland development
environment look-alike.

All of these are probably in with a search for debugger.

In summary, I've only used ddd[1] and tried a couple of the rest to see
if they ran but haven't used them. All of this probably more than a year
ago, so things should be better. Printf is my debugger.



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