Wednesday 12 October 2005

Relatively Positioning an Elephant

UNINTENTIONAL HUMOR is often the funniest. I’m co-presenting with Eric Meyer at the always-fabulous UI Conference (celebrating its 10th year!) and Eric, describing positioning, inadvertently said:

“Here’s how we relatively position an elephant”

Now, Eric’s known for his oft subtle humor, but this was more a we-just-finished-lunch-so-we-all-need-a-nap situation. It came flying out of his mouth, no humor intended, instead of the word element.

Oh, it was a funny moment, and I’m compelled to share it with everyone! But, I’m left wondering: Just how does one relatively position an elephant?

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69 Responses to Relatively Positioning an Elephant

  1. mahee says:

    Relatively Positioning ????????
    Ask a physician!!!!!!!!

  2. mirc says:

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  3. Ashcomp says:

    If sex is involved, strongly recommend positioning the elephant absolutely on the bottom! Unless you’re in free fall, but then watch out for the landing. . .