[dvlug] dvlug.org Changes In June, 2012

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Jun 6 16:50:37 PDT 2012

Quoting Grant Bowman (grantbow at dvlug.org):

> Your technically accurate and apparently mean spirited comments are not
> welcome in this group.

Does that mean 'No, we refuse to let you help us on a volunteer basis by
setting up WordPress on a DVLUG-administered machine, because Grant
Bowman is calling your offer "apparently mean-spirited" and is pulling the
oldest trick on the Internet of claiming to speak for lurkers who are
too terrorised to speak for themselves?'[1] 

Or does that mean 'Yes, we are willing to let you do a bunch of
volunteer work to set up WordPress on a DVLUG-administered machine
despite Grant Bowman calling your offer apparently mean-sprited and
pulling the oldest trick on the Internet of claiming to speak for the

Please clarify, as near-libel doesn't do much to answer a yes-or-no
question.  Thanks!

> I find it hard to explain why I and others react poorly to your online
> comments....

In your own case, a longstanding pattern of unilateral and personal ill
will and of passive-aggressive behaviour is the obvious explanation.
The alleged and invisible lurkers?  Dunno.  ;->

> I was teaching and hacking WordPress PHP in Nairobi. Setup of wordpress has
> been getting easier and easier all the time. As anyone who has maintained
> these systems before knows the installation is not the only cost of any
> system.

Yes, quite.  This is pretty much what I was saying, wasn't it?

> Apparently kind spirited comments are welcome.

As judged by people who go around slinging mud at community leaders?
Neat trick, that.

[1] http://barb.velvet.com/humor/lurkers.html

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