[dvlug] dvlug.org Changes In June, 2012

Grant Bowman grantbow at dvlug.org
Mon Jun 4 14:57:26 PDT 2012

On Mon, Jun 4, 2012 at 12:15 AM, Grant Bowman <grantbow at dvlug.org> wrote:
> We had a great meeting Friday, discussing our strengths, weaknesses,
> opportunities and threats SWOT. Bethany kindly chaired us penguins
> which included Robert, Mark, Courtney, Sholeh and I. We agreed to the
> following:
> * move from our weekly format to second and fourth Friday. I created a
> PHP script for our current website that can be modified so the next
> few meetings will always be available at http://dvlug.org
> * move to a 7 PM meeting time, one hour later than usual to allow
> people to get there
> * continue meeting at Caffe La Scala while evaluating alternatives
> that provide power and wifi.
> * de-emphasize the role of the email list in favor of a WordPress blog
> at dvlug.org

How do people feel about dvlug.wordpress.com hosting the blog? I could
use some help setting it up. If you would like to help, just give me
your username on wordpress.com to begin. If you don't have one yet it
can be set up for free. Hosting on wordpress.com is what I do for
grantbow.wordpress.com and requires no software on
nearlyfreespeech.net. We can use the existing PHP capability at
dvlug.org to read in the feed and display it on the web page.

> * work in the coming weeks on promotional, activity, content and
> naming ideas that we discussed

The demo "pages" I have written in HTML and PHP so far are at
http://dvlug.org/3.php which can be moved to wordpress.com pages.


> As next Friday is the second Friday of June we will meet as usual,
> however we will start at 7 PM -- NOT 6 PM.
> I hope with an accumulated strong base of experience to grow from and
> new energy we can increase our Linux educational and social efforts in
> new ways.
> Cheers,
> Grant Bowman

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