[dvlug] Meeting tonight, May 25th in Walnut Creek

Grant Bowman grantbow at ubuntu.com
Fri May 25 16:48:55 PDT 2012

Please join us this and every Friday from 6PM at 1655 N Main St in Walnut
Creek regardless of reminder emails. Details with map links are always
available. http://dvlug.org If you can't make the meeting feel free to ask
questions on this email list.

It is with great respect and high hopes we say goodbye to Michael Paric who
is moving to Portland, OR. Our loss is to the benefit of the thriving open
source community there. Best wishes, Mike.

Cloud computing, virtualization, open stack, kvm, xen, lvm, Ubuntu server,
cloud in your pocket, oVirt, OpenStack, Eucalyptus, DeltaCloud, OpenShift
PaaS, AWS and Rackspace CloudU have all been on my mind this week. Several
of those listed projects have recently been covered directly and indirectly
by http://twit.tv/floss which I have listened to. The @calxeda arm server
announcement from the UDS keynote kickoff and session on juju at UDS have
also brought my attention once again to this sector of the IT landscape.
You can be sure some of these will be discussed tonight.


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