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1999-12-30 Y2K is near and there is a FAQ about Using HTML in Signatures for WebTV users. Coincidence?
1999-08-11 Signature Killers: Programs that remove signature from messages (more or less) automatically. More examples are very very welcome!!
1999-07-12 AFW FAQ Trivia: The HTML source of the AFW FAQ has over 3,800 lines and is 122K in size - and gzip usually compresses it down to about 40% of its size.
1998-01-27 The latest version of the GNKSA (Good NetKeeping Seal of Approval) now has a section on signature requirements. Thanks to the maintainer of teh GNKSA - Jeroen Scheerder! :-)
1996-01-01 Looking for new stuff in the FAQ? Then check out the date stamps (YYYY-MM-DD, eg 1996-01-01)!

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