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AFW - Inner Circle - Quotes

Naturally, the IC mailing list has more or less revealed a lot of personal secrets (and that's why it is secret) as well as a lot of quotes:
Inner Circle Quotes

[940919] Karen Cooper :
"And all the women had big firm tits and NO, YOU MAY NOT QUOTE ME,

[940920] Sven Guckes :
"Well, I know an ozzie zuke if I see one.
 [And anyone quoting me out of context will be shot!]"

[941004] David Sweeney :
"It's okay -- I'm a CS student.  We're supposed to smell bad."

[941026] Karen Cooper :
"I'll go along with whatever people like."

[941123] Rachel Perkins :
"and my mother said: 'she's not wayward, she's just a little bit
 naughty around the edges.."

[940920] Sven Guckes :
"I always wondered what you were doing down under Dean."

[941125] Heather Bean :
"H.  [Reveling in the first time she's ever gotten anything...]"

[941201] "Big" Dave Sweeney :
"Sexual organs are right out, I'm afraid."

[941205] Ruth Kneale :
"I only ever heard it said, I never saw it spelled properly! *whine*"

[941213] Matt Welsh :
"No thanks. I'm not flying all the way to Arizona and then riding dogback..."

[941214] Rich Holmes :
"OK, Mr. Smartass, *you* try living within 300 miles of The Meach
 and see how long *you* can manage to avoid her."

[941226] Eddie Saxe :
"Chanukkah vs. Christmas:  fewer presents, more chocolate,
 fewer relatives all on the same day.  Sounds like a win to me."

[951025] Karen Cooper :
"the IC can't compete with the PEZheads list for sheer volume,
 but makes it up in charm."

[951027] Rich Holmes :
"I've done "it" in a lot of weird places, but I've never done "it"
 in half a line of Perl."

[951110] Karen Cooper :
"And don't move too quickly while in it.  You could break a bone."

[960102]  Paul Tomblin :
"My mother bought me a flashlight for xmas, [...]
 The sticker says "FEEL ME!  I'M 100% RUBBER."

[960102] Karen Cooper :
"Hardly any of my wardrobe says 'Michelin' on the label - not even my undies."

[960104] Matt Welsh :
"Blatant attempts to infuse .sig quotes into this list will NOT be tolerated."

[960117] Rich Holmes :
"If this is compatibility, I'm a PEZhead."

[960724] Heather Bean :
"No, no...I'm nice to _both_ of my 21" monitors."

[960821] Rich Holmes :
"Man, this list makes less and less sense every day."

[960821] David M. Sweeney" :
"don't make fun of my hobbies, man"

[960821] Karen Cooper :
"Yes, but these aren't just geeks, Dave.  They're mathematicians."

[961130] Eddie Saxe :
"Marriage is no longer my perversion."

[970306]  Dvae Van Horn :
"Even I have my limits. Sure they do involve chainsaws,
 Promite and really small catheters, but they ARE limits."
Like Karen said - you may not quote them - "IN OR OUT OF CONTEXT"!

Sven Guckes <>
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