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AFW - Charter of Newsgroup

The discussion on the newsgroup is about "signatures".

More specifically, the topic is "Usenet signatures", that is signatures posted within messages on Usenet newsgroups.

What AFW is *not* about

AFW is not about - everything else.

Here are some examples:

AFW is *not* about the game "Warlord". Anyone who bluntly posts requests about that game or other off topic questions to AFW probably is just an illiterate who can't be bothered to read this FAQ or to take a look at the posts in AFW which are already on his newsserver. Flame away!

The folks on AFW will therefore usually stuff them into -> AFW's big killfile - and occasionally tell them how pathetic they are.

AFW is not about "digital signatures". This is no group to discuss cryptographic encryption systems.


"So is a fan group. But if it is about signatures then why did you chose the name 'warlord'?"

First of all, let us clarify about the word "warlord". Here is the definition as given by an "online Webster":
  warlord n
  1: a supreme military leader
  2: a military commander exercising civil power by force
     usually in a limited area

"But what does a warlord do on Usenet?"

Well, a warlord fights against the abuse of excessive signatures on Usenet. He fights for the -> McQuary limit (4x80) and for the recognizability of signatures for programs by the application of -> signature dashes. As simple as that.

Sven Guckes <>
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