The Trustees of the Jordan FAQ Association proudly presents:

The Canonical List of YKYBRTMRJWisms.



You Know You've Been Reading Too Much Robert Jordan When...

From: (Jeffrey Trigilio)

From: (Joe "Uno" Shaw)

From: John Novak

From: J. Hall

From: Pam "TNSTARTMRJ" Korda

From: Richard Wang

From: Michael Steeves

From: Erica Liebman Sadun

From: Viren R. Shah

From: Joseph K Mcallister

From: Larry Hauser

From: Judy Ghirardelli

From: Dave Oldridge

From: Greg Ries

From: Don Harlow

From: Jacob C Kesinger

From: Bill Garrett

From: Clay Bruce Blankenship

From: Chris Miller

From: Brian Postow

From: Rich Mlodoch

From: Clint Hepner

From: Scott Collins

From: Gary Greenbaum

From: Kent Worsnop

From: Scott Seibel

From: Daniel Gottesman

From: Andrew Grimes

From: Marcus Popetz

From: Tanya Koenig

From: Mike Lemons

From: Ruchira Datta

From: James Yu