DC Darkfriend Social, 9/94

The sixth DC "Darkfriend Social" was attended by some 18 people. Not all of them appear in this picture because it was taken late in the evening, after some had left claiming the press of other duties (family, work, acting in burlesque stage shows, etc.). Missing are Mike Macchione, Joe Morris, Mat Fisher, and Kristen Fisher. Hawk was there, but she graciously volunteered to snap this picture. Something about not wanting to appear in the photo with us...

Parts of picture look funny because I've had to perform a lot of image processing to bring out as much of it as possible. We all look like we're pasted on the background; because of that *&^$% neon light, I had to selectively brighten the images of the people and darken the background scene. It wasn't easy, but I think I achieved a decent result.

Going across the front row, left to right, are: Brad "Puppy" Smith, Jim "Heart of Gold" Fulsom, Pam "FAQQueen" Korda, and Brian "Pasta Knight" Postow. Brian is holding the infamous Sword That Ain't. Notice the glow... looks much like Callandor on the cover of The Dragon Reborn, yes? That thing on Pam's head is a spider named Moghedien. We always suspected Verin was Black Ajah...

Wedged in the middle over toward the right are Melissa Horn and Judy "Piglet" Ghirardelli. Along the back row, left to right, are: Bill "Gaidin, not Fain!" Garrett, Chad "Oilcan" Orzel, Joe "ONJL Uno" Shaw, Mike Ikeda, Andrew Millard, and Don Matthews. Notice how Chad really is shorter than Judy in the picture. That stuff about him being tall must have been a hoax.

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Bill Garrett