Newsfroup Family Portrait

Front row (left to right): Josh Hall, Mike Ikeda

Second row: Elizabeth Cornwell, John Novak (doing an impersonation of his favorite net.kook), Joe Shaw, Chad Orzel holding Limp, Greg Probst

Back row: Alden Stradling, Hohn Cho, Bill Garrett, Clay Blankenship, Brian Postow, David Ludwig, Mike Machionne, Chris Anderson, Judy Ghirardelli, Christian Muly

Not appearing: Sunny Sipes, Hawk

Better Limp than the Limper

At the start of the social, Hawk gave Mike a small stuffed animal in the shape of a scruffy dog. This gift relates to some obscure email conversation they'd had the week before, but the gist of it is that Mike didn't want something limp in his bed, so Hawk gave him a limp stuffed animal. The picture at the right shows Mike proudly holding his new pet, which he affectionately named "Limp". But, as John put it, "Better to have Limp in your bed than the Limper."

The Billiards of Chaos

After we ditched the Old Post Office Pavilion, we weren't sure where to go next. Greg pointed out a sports bar that was just two blocks away; we headed there. As everyone settled in with their favorite beverages, several of us pooled our pocket change to see if we could afford a billiards table.Sure enough, we had enough quarters to play several games. The picture on the left shows me lining up a shot on the 9 ball. My technique isn't as good as it looks. The second picture shows Hohn and Chad pondering their dearth of shots. On the other hand, maybe I'm better than I let on.

As the night wore on, we exhausted our supply of quarters (not to mention the patience of the other patrons who wanted to shoot pool) so we moved (literally, moved to another table in our slow migration from one end of the barroom to the other) to a discussion of particle physics, discrete mathematics, Greek philosophers, and Early American History.

What, you believed that?! Ha! We had no such erudite discourse! We drank, cursed, talked trash about women, and discussed movies like Pulp Fiction. The picture below shows you what kind of a crowd we really are....

(left to right: David "Tim Curry" Ludwig; Greg "Pool God" Propst; Bill "another pitcher, please" Garrett, and John "Go ahead, make me have fun" Novak.)

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Bill Garrett