DC Darkfriend Social

February 11, 1995

I wasn't actually at this social, so I couldn't write much about it. (That didn't stop me, though!) Thus the duty of scribe fell upon Judy, the gracious organizer of the social. Her description is attached below.

From Judy Ghirardelli (ghirarde@wam.umd.edu):

Hi all. We in DC had our 10th (I think) DFS today. Much fun was
had by all, and there was much rejoicing.  We talked about many
things, such as Bill Garrett, Dylan, Novak, and a little about
Jordan. THose attending were:

Mike MPS
Joe Shaw
Chad Oilcan Ba'alzamon 
Brian the pasta-boy
David and Rick (Josh's friends)
Brad the puppy bro

We ate at the Tequila Grill, where they have wooden statues of
horses. We debated which one was Bela. 

A word about the food:

Actually two words:

... Insanity Sauce.

Whew! Brian, Chad, Josh and I all tried the
insanity sauce, in varying doses.  The odd thing was, when they
brought us our food, they came up to Chad, and asked him
specifically "Would you like to try a really hot sauce?" THere
must be something about Chad that makes people assume he likes
to live on the edge. Chad, being Chad, said "sure, why not?"

I think Josh got the most Insanity Sauce. This stuff has hot pepper
extract in it. There is  awarning on the label to use in small
drops... Josh turned beat red, had tears running down his face.
I felt like my tongue was on fire. They could torture people with
this stuff! I've never tasted anything so hot in my life. Thank
the Light for the sour cream, which helped. Chad counteracted his
with lots of beer, although not $37 worth. We did comment that 
if he had enough of that sauce, he could easily take the $37 title.

We decided that Insanity sauce = balefire in a bottle. Not only could
I not taste anything after the Insanity sauce, I can't remember tasting
anything ever before ...

(Did anyone notive I left my Insanity duck there? I hope one of you
picked it up, and enjoyed or will enjoy the leftover smoked salmon
quesidillas (sp?))

We discussed Pulp Fiction at length, and some other movies. Robert
Altman movies (I'm never renting another one), Star Trek/generations
stuff, MST, etc etc. Mike has seen the Brady Bunch movie, and was
trying to convince us it was worthwhile. I worry about him.

I can't recall what else we talked about. No doubt a side effect of the
Insanity Sauce.

Some good out of context quotes:

Chad: "*My* calculator is bigger than *yours*"

Mike: "As long as I don't get stuck doing Brad" 

Brian: "Is Novak's calculator programmable?" Judy: "Novak's calculator
does *laundry*"

Brad ate Piglet.

Hawk: "You're a Very Small Forsaken; but you're NOT a Very Thin
Forsaken" (this is nothing as insulting as it sounds...)

Hawk: "*women* are frightening" (Still have not figured this one out,
even *in* context)

Chad said "Bill is a fantastically self-absorbed person". When I laughed
and said I was going to post that, he maintained that he was referring
to Shatner, not Garrett. We then discussed whether Garrett was a
fantastically self-absorbed person, and would he really care if we said
so on the 'net. We decided he is not, and even if he was, he would not
care if we said so...

One of Josh's friends fell asleep. Yup the first person ever to fall
asleep at one of our socials... (does this make it a sleepover?) Josh
explained that he had been working all night. At one point, someone
said "Now that he's asleep - who is he?" We laughed, he woke up. It
was a special moment.

Brian said, while flailing his arms about, which I don't really understand,
"What... what... what... *IS* Novak?" Chad retorted "metaphysically

Josh said, much to our horror and his embarrassment when I wrote it
down to be posted, "Marcia Brady is really cute now".

Mike said "We've made some virgins do some strange things" (this was
regarding Rocky Horror Picture Show virgins, before you all get on
my case about this being a family newsgroup....)

I decided I preferred the word "sexiflexual" to "flexisexual"

And the best, IMO, quote of the day came from Josh, who came out of
a little dream he must have been having at the table, and said "huh?"
while looking very Kathy Irelandish (dull and confused). We said
"where've *you* been?" He replied "I'm concentrating on chewing my gum
right now". At which point Chad asked him if he wanted some more 
Insanity sauce...

Much fun was had by all... I'm sure I'm leaving something off, and if
so, I'm sure Bill Garrett will followup and enlighten you all..

Judy G.

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