Attack of the Camera-Wielding Ass Monkies

Pictures from the San Francisco Bay Area Darkfriend Social
November 30 - December 2, 2001

Nathan and Bill McC exchange a warm welcome with the help of the Three Foot Long Purple Schlong.

The gang at dinner Saturday night. Left side, front to back: Bill McCarthy, Heather Ortiz, Craig Moe, Beth Wengrow, Jeff Huo. Right foreground, left to right: Pam Korda, David Scotton, Bill Garrett, Nathan L. Hiding in the back (left to right): Don Harlow, Paul Ward, Eric Fulton, Keith Huntzinger

FAQ Queens, past and present. Pam Korda and Leigh Butler

On the sofa. Bill McCarthy, Heather Ortiz, Craig Moe, Leigh Butler.

Eric Fulton is menaced by the wooden dildo Chris Mullins gave me.

Bill McCarthy wishes his woodies were this big.

by Bill Garrett, copyright 2001
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